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Laser Member Cards

Pressure Seal Membership Cards

Pressure Seal Membership Cards

Pressure Seal Membership ID Cards

This is a special-order item. 10,000 minimum blank or custom printed. Please contact us for a quotation.

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Looking for membership cards in pressure seal format? Look no further!

Pressure seal membership ID cards are a unique all-in-one self mailer designed to be printed, folded, sealed and mailed for efficient production and resourceful circulation of an information carrier which includes a ID Card.

Custom run available in many of our 7 mil and 10 mil synthetic perf out cards, LMC701, 1 up membership card style and the LMC1001 1 up membership card style. Z-Fold construction is recommended for the pressure seal format, to seal the card within the form for mailing. We produce pressure seal membership cards compatible with laser and digital equipment. Membership cards available for pressure seal include 7 mil perforated plastic card on 32 lb text, 10 mil perforated plastic card on 100# text, 10 mil perforated paper based card on 100# text.

Contact us today to request a quote. Minimum quantity applies.

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